Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 9, 2013

Well went to iron my favotite pants and well the iron was a bit hot..... boooo that 2 pants down and 8 more to go haha

I went on divisions and this is how i found the bathroom in the other area..... ha needless to say i went without a shower that day!
Some district soccer the other day.... and my fat face haha! triste comida mexicana! porque tan rrrrrico!

This week flew by! I spent 4 out of 7 days outside of my area! So we didn't make a lot of progress here in Tanquian but I hope I did something in the other areas that I was in! 

Me and my comp have put an extra focus on the little blessings we receive every day! Its amazing how many we receive in this great work that we have part in! It almost become a normality... like when we pray for what we should teach or who and almost always have the same thoughts after a prayer or how the spirit aligns our thoughts when we are in tune! This work is truly amazing! I am so blessed and hope you all feel the same in this wonderful gospel! 

Well I will have to apologize.... my general letters have been slow. I have lost a bit of my organization over the past few weeks but we are now in a new change and will be better is sharing some of my amazing experiences with all of you! I love you all and have a wonderful freezing week! 

P.S. Who has seen the new Mormon message about cedar breaks! ..... talk about being homesick I love it there and I could almost feel the cool breeze and smell the cedar trees while watching the video haha"!

love you all y nos vemos por la proximo semana!
December 16, 2013
                                                                           bus ride to Valles
                                                      My very pretty Christmas tree this year
 Me and my zone leader who got changed this change. I'm looking a bit more fat no?  Elder Padilla has been my district and zone leader..... and was a great one
Alrightly.... well this week was a rough one. I'd have to say the hardest of my mission thus far! We had very little success and did tons of walking. One pair of shoes started ripping... boo.... don't buy Johnson and murphy for walking.
We had a variety of things go wrong this week that by Saturday night when our branch president called us to say he wouldn’t be at church and that no one was assigned to talk I had had it.... I found it very difficult to be the smiley joking missionary I usually am... And I know I’m trying my best and that’s what matters but I just couldn’t regain the energy I needed just by knowing I’m working hard because I’m the kind of person that likes instant gratification.... so I began to study to lift the mood.... And I fell upon the topic of grace and repentance as well as the explanation. And this is what I found.
 In the bible dictionary I really like the definition of both repentance and grace.... Repentance talks on not only changing ourselves through repentance or distancing ourselves from sin but rather to be closing the gap between our will and the Fathers. In grace it describes a little on the divine power that we can receive through the atoning grace of Christ. What a gift! We through the atonement not only can be cleaned and purified from sin but also can receive divine help and power to do so! What are we waiting for?!
 I have seen and can bear strong testimony that these two great gifts are real and within our touch, but as a car doesn’t serve for anything without first being turned on we will not receive any benefit of these two great gifts without first starting the process to obtain them.
Now as an older brother and a friend to many still at home I would like to add this part, one way that we can start this process of repentance and receiving a divine power is through our service to God. In D and C 84:61 and 62 we read
61 For I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment—that you remain steadfast in your minds in solemnity and the spirit of prayer, in bearing testimony to all the world of those things which are communicated unto you.
 62 Therefore, ago ye into all the world; and unto whatsoever place ye cannot go ye shall send, that the testimony may go from you into all the world unto every creature.
so if you don’t understand let me explain quickly...... If you want power from God and to be forgiven make the sacrifice to serve for two years in whatsoever place and receive the most blessed two years of your life.... and if not.... your condemned......
 ha no but really think about it.... if you do it for the right reasons you will not have made and better choice in your life!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25,2013

November 25, 2013

We were cleaning the water out of this hole where they are going to put a toilet!

A normal house for this part of Tanquian... a lot with grass roofs!

Cleaning the house of prayer Sat. night
Well as always I am short on time but wow this week flew by! We had a few short days here in our area as we spent two days in Tamuin with our district leader and in Tampico for a training for us trainers and our sons haha. It was all really good and we came back to out area riding a spiritual high and went to work..... the fruits of our work this week were miles and miles of walking but with 4 lessons with an amazing spirit and just wow! I love to work here and I could just finish my year and a half more in this area! 
The experience in being a trainer has been amazing! I have learned so much and really have been losing myself in the work...... I have so much to do in this branch and with my new elder my mind is in missionary mode 24-7 but I wouldn't have it any other way! I can really testify that is we are heavily involved in the Lords work we will not find any greater joy! 
I have been hearing a lot of missionary experiences from friends and family back home and it just warms my soul... haha.... to hear of my family a friends finding joy in the work as well! 

I have been bad at writing these past few weeks but am going to try to be a bit more organized and get out better letters and stories! but por fin (finally) it has been getting kinda cold here! I almost forgot what its like to not be living in my sweat 24-7 ha! one day I even wore a jacket which was a miracle.... and the cold here is like 16 degrees..... celcius bahaha.... but anyways love you all and well chat next week!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11,2013

November11, 2013
                                                     A little bit of my beautiful area!

 Well it was a good week. Very short and very busy. Being in a pueblo is hard because whenever we have meetings we have to travel a minimum of 1 hour and so it a takes up a lot of time from our work in the area and that’s how this week went... lots of traveling! 

 This week the weather was amazing!!! It is the best I’ve had my entire mission! We got down to a very low 15 degrees .... Celsius ha like 60 in Fahrenheit but it was cold!! We’ve had clouds and a mild 80 degrees all week it’s been great! 

We had an interesting experience this week with one of the families we ate with. No men were in the house as normal so we couldn’t eat inside.  Normally we eat at a table outside of the house but this day it was raining and we had nowhere to eat. So we ate in the pig pen where there was shelter haha.  So we were eating next to their 200 pound pig for our lunch. It was an interesting meal but kinda funny because my new comp is kinda a germaphobe and isn’t used to eating with tortillas (because we don’t use utensils just tortillas) so he was getting all messy and half way through trying to eat his soup with a tortilla he lost his appetite and threw his food to the pig  haha! The life in Mexico!
Not a whole lot of time left but just what to put a little focus on prayer once again! Because once again I’ve reaped the benefits of prayer and see the benefits daily! Prayer as well is a huge part to the day. Satan gets smarter and stronger daily so in turn we need to do the same! I hope and pray all of you pray and read daily so that when the battle comes you will have success! Love you all thanks for the support and have a great week!


Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Nov 4,2013

My new district and  new companion

My birthday cake!

                            My birthday meal... it’s what I got with my birthday money ha
They have some crazy wooden masks

Some of the dancers of the dia de muerte

 Wow what a week! It was sure different being a holiday week it was really hard to find many people to teach as all were participating in the festivities of dia de muertos and dances called Huehues. It was really cool and interesting but as mentioned made for a hard week of work.

 The settings have changed...  have a new companion who is new so I’m training and still trying to better the language while trying to plan the day and lessons. It was a huge change with a lot more responsibility but it made me a lot more focused on the work and I’m loving it more than ever now haha! 

Had some birthday celebrations with investigators and some members which was a lot of fun! It was hard to remember it was my birthday because we continued in the work and all I wanted for my birthday was a day of success and well... it didn’t come ha.... but I’ve got a lot of hope that things will start progressing rapidly here this week! 

 I don’t have a lot of time left but this week in my study I studied about the life of Jesus Christ and his example for us and found some very interesting and new ideas that I shared with investigators for some powerful lessons. I was looking at his life and the perfect example he gave us. First when he was found teaching in the temple luke 2. 42 to 49. I loved where he states he was only doing the Fathers work. This shows he spared no time in doing his fathers will and recognizing his purpose. Second we find him in the waters of baptism. Luke 3. 21 and 22 where the father says to him how pleased his is that his is doing his will. I liked in 2nd nefi 31. 5 where it talks a little more on his baptism and how important it is for us. The Lord wasn’t baptized to be cleansed but to follow the commandments and continue in showing us the way. Third I found him fasting and suffering for 40 days with temptations to show that even though we live perfectly, life won’t always be easy... but if we will remember our purpose we can conquer anything.... Luke 4. 1 to 8. Also  he is teaching the sacrament Luke 22 15 to 20. So that we might always remember him.... and his example so that we might become more like him. Lastly he showed his love by suffering more than humanly possible for all of us that we might be able to become like him in perfection in being freed from sin and faults. I challenge you to ponder these scriptures and the truly perfect life Christ showed us so that we might be perfect like unto him and our Father and receive eternal life- the greatest gift. 

 Love you all and may God be with you! 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct 29,2013

Oct 29, 2013
Getting ready for the day of the dead!

My branch the day my comp went home!

I found a pet deer!
Well another week gone.... its amazing how fast time goes by! Im super short on time but have been super busy! I sent a comp home last week and got a new this week! Ive been called as a trainer to Elder Soto! Im super excited to be training but at the same time I hope my spanish is good enough to lead and teach haha! 

 I spent all my time reading birthday letters. Im out of time but love you all and thanks for the b day wishes! Hope to share more this next week!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21,2013

October 21,2013
We found a cool plant outside of a house we were contacting and well I was feeling pretty!

 Me in my area of Tanquian!

 Me and my comp in our zone meeting!
Wow what a great week... I have so much to say and so little time to say it. But first off thanks so much for the letter and questions ! I hope I have answered them all.  I love you and thanks for the support!
This week was interesting but good! I received the grand opportunity to go to the temple and it was wonderful and wow I received the strength needed for the week! I encourage all that can to take advantage of the temples you have easy access to and use them!!

First off this week was a little funny as I felt as I was in a novela (soap opera) all week. So much drama and  my comp kinda likes the drama so we were immersed in it! Some people are crazy! But it sure makes things interesting!

 Second and lastly for the sake of time... This was a week of answers for me and how grateful I am.  I have had several questions of the Alma (soul) that I have been looking for.  As they are personal I have only shared them with my journal haha but it has lead me to want to testify to you all that we truly have a wonderful great and powerful Heavenly Father who knows and cares for each one of us. I encourage you to try his Love with a question or several. I wrote out several questions and put them on my desk as I study and even though it took about three weeks to receive answers I got them and with a powerful and overwhelming feeling of the Lords love for me personally. These answers can be found in the BOM, bible, D and C and church magazines. I encourage you to study in variety and for your personal needs. All we must do is ask and then act... with this we can receive any answer! The Lord loves you all and wants to be a part of your life. Allow him to be with you and you WILL receive the help and strength you need.

 One thing I found and particularly liked in my study this week is found in D&C 84:61-62 with a commandment and a promise to give us all hope.... That if we will remain obedient and serve him in preaching and sharing the gospel we will be forgiven! How great a promise. So with this I encourage you all to clean what sins you have and resort to sharing  this wonderful gospel with all! Because as I have found in the mission through these types of services we will become truly converted and receive a true and lasting forgiveness as we put away our sins and move forward. (conference talk by Edward Dube)
Love you all!
Elder Stoor

Oct 14,2013

October 14, 2013
Me and my comp in the field

This is how I wish I could leave the house to share the gospel ha

  Great week but with tons of sun. Mexico doesn’t know what winter is haha. Anyways not a whole lot of exciting news to share and I’m short on time.

 However some of the things I had written down to share are- first off  there is a lot of coke a cola here in Mexico. I’m getting fatter and I know why haha. I started paying attention and I’m pretty sure in this area we drink about a liter of coke a day! That along with the tortillas has not been the best of diet..... but oh well it’s my time to enjoy free food haha. 

 Second off I still am without a baptism but one of my investigators from Mate is getting baptized this week! We found her by way of MEMBER REFERAL and she was progressing well and was only waiting for a firm response of confirmation that this was the true church. Well on conference Sunday we went into valles to watch conference and who would have guessed but she was the in valles! And not only that, but she was there looking for me to tell me personally that she had received an answer and is getting baptized this week! One happy moment for me in the mission. 

 Well I’ve used up all my time on other letters today but hope all is well and let you prayers go out to the family of Elder Kunz!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7,2013

                                                                October 7,2013
                             This is our house of prayer for sacrament and what not.

                              Branch council for the first time this branch has ever had!


This is my branch in priesthood session! 

 Wow wasn’t conference amazing! I have never appreciated conference like I have here in the mission. How great a blessing to have to opportunity to listen to 10 hours of revelation and advice for these next 6 months! 

I feel as a lot of the focus was conversion and families. I know that it is in part because the Lord is hastening his work and this is a time of major point of growth in the church but not just in numbers but in families and members as well. It’s predicted that we will hit 100,000 missionaries in the field next year... not only does this mean better faster and stronger missionary work but this also means that in 3 or 4 years we will have more than 100,000 new families with one or two parents as returned missionaries. Can you imagine the growth and strength of these families?! Soon these 100,000 families will have children who will want to follow the example and serve their on missions. The family unit is a unit of God therefore we must treat it like one. 

So for all those who are married, think of ways you can strengthen your family for this growth as well to help other families to endure to the end. But more importantly those young adults or adults ready or preparing for marriage remember that as stated in conference you will not be able to raise a family in the gospel easily in these coming years. But you know what helps? Having a returned missionary in the home. So for those debating or are unsure of  mission service don’t think twice ... just think of your future family. Because you’re not only sacrificing your own blessings by not serving  but the blessings your family could receive from your service as well!

Just some thoughts....

I pray that all of you were able to receive what was needed from conference this year as I received more than I could take in... love you all and God bless!


Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30,2013

Sept 30,2013
Wow where to begin. My email was short last week and there have been so many changes and I’m not sure where to begin!
First off I’m in my new favorite area! haha It is a little like Enoch but Enoch 2 hours from anything. We can walk from one end of the pueblo to the other in about 30 min. to kinda give you an idea. I’m in a branch of about 20 active members and 70 more less active so there is plenty of work to be done! My comp is awesome too. He has 23 months in the mission so this is his last change and I’m trying to absorb all the information I can from him before he leaves! He also loves to prank and joke around and so do I so there is hardly ever a dull moment here in Tanquian! 

 We’ve got several promising investigators but our focus right now is the members. The branch is getting better every week but we have only had missionaries here for 4 months and before  that the church was really struggling. But we have a great branch president who has the ganas (the will) to work so everything is going well! 

 I’m also super stoked for conference. I’ve always had somewhat a desire to learn from the prophets but this year is different. I really understand how tan impotante it is to have conference. Saturday I’ll be watching it in a cyber (a little store where you rent computers to use by the hour) and Sunday we rented a bus to take the two hour trip with the branch to go to valles to watch the Sunday sessions. So I encourage you all to really put emphasis on conference this year! Because that’s what  I’m gonna do! 

 Lastly I want to put some emphasis on the small things. More importantly scripture study and prayer. Here there are a lot of less active members and for a good part of them I can tell you exactly why. Their testimonies were not strengthened daily.... something we cannot go without! Faith and testimonies are things that can diminish with time so we must constantly be trying the crecer these things so they don’t diminish. 

 One thing we have been teaching the families here is to study as a family (because we have a few families that the parents can’t read or write and their kids can). There are few things in this world more powerful than studying and praying as a family. Now I hope my family back home is still doing this because I testify almost daily of my strong family and how we are strong because of our almost daily scripture study as a family. And with that I encourage you all to read today if you have not and continue to read personally and with you family on a daily basis that we might all become strong and become one in the Lord. Because if we are not one we are not his..... so let’s become unified and have a growing knowledge of the scriptures and the lords teaching for us! 

 Love you all and chat with ya next week!
(oh p.s. sorry forgot the camera today so no pictures)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 23,2013

Sept23, 2013
Well my last days in Mante were rainy so this is me prepared for a day of being wet

A picture that my mom wanted for my plaque. Hope it works.

This is me and my comp Elder Tadeo at our ward party for Mexican independence day. whoo a lot of fun

Some fun at a members house the day before changes

The same members house where we had my going away meal. As I got transferred from Mante... also where my favorite food was.

One of my investigating families from Mante who will prob get baptized without me this month haha but oh well

This is the next day after a good night of rain..... my boots didnt help much. The streets were completely flooded and we walked in water nearly all day

Now I'm in Valles with my new comp far left and my zone leader the other American! 

well... I was short on milk for my cereal so we found me some! 
Well I've used nearly all my time with pictures but I'm here in Tanquian Mexico and loving it!  It's kinda hot and we're just a little branch of 30 people or so but so far it has been great. I've got a great comp elder Mesa who is ending his mission this transfer. So I've got to learn a lot. He is a great missionary and there is a lot to learn from him and I need to learn the area in a month! Love you all and hope to get more to you next week! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept. 9,2013

Well sorry but again this week I don’t have pictures and I am using a computer that doesn’t take SD cards.... booooo
But anyways all is well here in Mexico. The past few weeks there has been some action. There are trucks with mounted 50 cals and every once in a while we can hear them going off in the distance.... and one time there were the 50 cals and about 20 min later a military helicopter was patrolling our area ha... but luckily as of yet I haven’t seen anything.

 One thing I keep forgetting to tell you is about my name. Here I am not know as elder stoor. Because of the pronunciation in spanish its elder es-stoor and es means is so if you sounds it out estoor is sounds like is thor.... haha and because I’m a bit stronger than the average Mexican and a bit taller I’m  known as elder Thor. Haha It has become normal for me and it’s all right by me!

 I can’t say anything as of now.... but there has been talk of I pads for the mission. Nothing is in stone but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m carrying around a tablet here after Christmas! How sweet! 

 There are seasons here ha luckily it would be hot hot hot always here.... now it’s just hot ha... we have had a lot of clouds lately which helps a ton and with our newly fixed ac I actually use a blanket at night. So that has been a blessing and it’s supposed to cool down a bit more here in the next month and when I say cool I mean like 80 degrees ha. 

 ...Well sitting in sacrament I had some thoughts that I would like to share with you today on the topic of prayer. As a missionary I have prayed a lot. Whether it be to learn the language or to help investigators my prayers are longer and with more feeling, as I feel is common for most all missionaries. So first off I challenge you to better you prayers. But first we need to understand the importance and significance of prayer. I was thinking of a promise the lord makes several times in the scriptures. Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be given unto you. This when we think literally is quite and promise! But why can’t we take it literally? .... Well we can. I’m sure as of now we all have or think we have unanswered prayers... so how can this be...

My thoughts are this. Yes all prayers are answered... and quite frankly in the moment we ask in faith. The thing is not always are our prayers answered in the way that we’d like. For example when I was in Hawaii I had a sincere prayer for months. That was to receive work and we all know that didn’t happen for 4 months.  Looking back that so called [unanswered] prayer is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I received so much in that time and all of it was for my benefit. Unfortunately I am out time but I want to conclude with this... your prayers are answered because Jesus Christ said “ask and receive, knock and it shall be opened.” I testify of this..... la cosa mas importante is that we ask and then act in faith..... if we don’t get what we want we can act as a child or lose faith or the better we can wait in faith and with hope that whatever the lord has in store for us is much better that what we had planned. NEVER LET YOUSELF THINK THAT YOUR PLANS AND DESIRES ARE GREATER THAN THE LORDS. If we think this we a surely in   the wrong and need to repent. 
I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Sept 2, 2013
Well, the computer won’t take my memory card today so no pictures... sorry
I also don’t have the ganas to write much either haha. 

 This week was pretty normal we got a ton of rain at the beginning of the week... so thank goodness for my ariats! And I put the umbrella to good use too! 

We had 5 investigators show at church Sunday! whoo.... the area is slow but this next change im bettin on 3 baptisms so let hope it stays that way! It’s so hard to know with such a surety that this gospel is all that anyone needs and to watch tons of people lose sight of that or never accept it to begin with. I’d say it’s the hardest thing any missionary has to do. Sometimes you just want to beat them with the bible and other time you want so desperately for them to feel something confirming the truth of our words. The comfort we can find in this is that Dios has a plan for us. For us missionaries are to preach and to give everyone the opportunity. But this can be done by the members. Plant a seed and  talk with someone today and refer them to the missionaries. Or explicar a little about what we believe because you never know who will accept. Many don’t but how sad the day we meet those we knew in this life in heaven and they then ask disappointedly why didn’t you even try to share this with me? Because we’re all in it together! 

 Will have photos and more next week! 
Elder Stoor!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26, 2013
 Our zone had a carne asada lunch for p-day and since not a single person knew how to start a charcoal fire.... well I took over! ha was way fun and of course good food.... I cooked!
                                  well self-explanatory..... ducks and I walked with them
this is me..... getting fatter.... and my companion walking down a highway that crosses through our area 

August 26, 2013

Well sorry for the neglect on the blog letters lately... let’s get started!
The weeks have been flying by! I hate it. It seems already the mission is going by too fast and coming to an end and well it’s just begun!

I finally at a very comfortable level with my Spanish, I love that I can understand and joke and really put my heart into a lesson! Also I’ve really bonded with my zone now that I can speak and it has just been a good time! I hope and pray that I can lose track of time just so that I can forget how soon I’m going home!
The work is coming a long! The week started off slow but slowly progressed and now we have 6 dates for baptism.... however only one showed to church so boooo!  We prayed and made a list yesterday of every investigator, member and recent convert that did show to church and spent our day (walking a ton) and going around and calling all to repentance haha in a kind way of course!

Well I had a cool experience last week that I didn’t get to share so here it is! ....
I woke up one morning and had a thought of a past sin .... something way old and slightly insignificant.... something I could have forgotten about and said.. .well that is the past and I feel like I’ve been forgiven... but this morning I couldn’t focus and just felt off.... so I began to practice the 5 steps to repentance that I teach often! Instantly I felt a burden lifted.... I didnt want anything to hinder the spirit in my teaching and nothing did. I wanted to be the happiest possible and I was.... why? Because I was quick to act, I saw a problem and I fixed it. Sometimes this is a hard lesson to learn... it was for me, but gracias a la expiacion I have been able to solve problems, get on with life and receive the happiness God intends for man. I want to speak plainly and directly.....YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPIER THAN WHEN YOU ARE COMPLEATLY CLEANSED FROM SIN. There is a great plan in store for each and every one of us and it all start with the atonement. I have seen in my life and the lives of those I teach that there is no greater blessing than to find confidence in the Lord.... He suffered every pain imaginable and then more for YOU. Do not be so stupid as to waste this blessing and flush your happiness for a mere sin...... IT IS NOT WORTH IT.  Don't fix it later, fix it now... this second you turn to someone and begin to work it out and I promise the second you do so how great shall you burden be lifted... and the more cleansed we are the better we can work by the spirit.... what greater gift is there than this? none.

I know these thinks are true....I’m not sure who needs to hear this but I’m impressed to share it... so if it's you, get on it... why sacrifice another second of our lives in the burden of something that can be so simply fixed? I leave these things for you to ponder in the name of Jesus Christ amen!
Love you all and talk to you next week!

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19,2013

August 19,2013
Tampico Temple-a picture I took while in Tampico for my visa last Monday

A new investigator's house

downtown Mante
Well, I had a really cool experience and a good spiritual thought prepared but I don’t have time for it today ... it’ll have to be the next week sorry!
But all is well here. It was a blazer this week .... super hot! The work started off slow but picked up and now we  have 5 more investigators, all of which have baptismal dates ... let’s hope they don’t fall through!
And it’s official.... I’m not coming home ha... .I’m already sad for the day I leave and am trying to forget how much time I have in the mission so I don’t have to think about how fast time is passing! ...
Hope all is well and have a very wonderful week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12,2013

The area way out in the sticks

A house for a family that we contacted...pretty poor but typical for our area...very humbling

Me walking on water!!

Hola todo!
This week was a good one the weather cooled and we got some rain... kinda reminded me of Hawaii!
Anyways I proved myself as a Mexican this week as I downed one of the hotter peppers they have. It was one my Mexican comp wouldn’t eat! whoo ha!
I has been a great blessing as well that I haven’t had any stomach problems or as Dawson would say ¨travelers¨ diarrhea haha.... because there are a lot of gringos here that are constantly having problems with those sorts of things.
Our problem this week in teaching lessons was investigators who can’t read because they were never taught.  It is hard because how can you gain a testimony if you can’t read what we’re teaching?! Well, we have a way, by reading with those who want to know... it’s like story time for our investigators ha!
This week I found a lot more confidence in my Spanish. It began with the assistants.... they visited our area and stayed in our house (because we have the nicest pad of the missionaries in Mante ha) I was able to talk with them well and they were impressed with how well I can speak for my time here! The second thing that helped me realize my progression was in church. One of the talks didn’t show and we had fifteen min left. The bishop spotted me and said we will now hear from elder Stoor. Well this was a surprise to me and I began to pray! Twenty min latter the bishop is telling me to finish.haha  It was a good experience... I just hope everyone understood the message I wanted to get out. Lastly was today! We were playing sports with the zone and I was talking and making fun and really making a Mexican out of myself haha. All is well here in Mante and I’m loving it!
The work struggled this week a bit but we got to go to our area como bien lejos and visit some less actives and references.... was really out in the hills... nice and quiet and friendly!
We also got caught in some major rain and that’s the pictures I have of the area and me walking on water.
Not a whole lot of time today but know all is well and thank you for your prayers and support!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Me in Mante

This is my church building which is relatively of the nicest spots in Mante ha! And pretty small...a little different than ours back in the states 

Using my brand new concrete weight set and our ironing table for my bench haha!

August 5, 2013
This week has  been a good one. It started out with getting rear ended in our taxi right after writing my emails! Luckily it wasn’t too bad. My comp accidently punched me in the back of the head and he got a bit of whip lash but for all the better the ride was free! ha!
Also this week we had two lessons that were kind of a bible bash which was interesting... however it’s funny that people are willing to tell us how Joseph Smith is of the devil and that only the bible is true and all that jazz when in reality none of them have ever investigated the church nor read in full the bible or even know it well. Because of these experiences I want to share a little this week on the power of a testimony.
In the event of someone wanting to bible bash we are supposed to hold questions for the end of the lesson. First we teach, bear testimony and hope they feel the spirit. Well, more or less this is what we did. We taught and bore testimony. It is cool to see the power and the silence a testimony can bring into a lesson. Because of this I invite you to focus on your testimony and try to find one event this week where you can share it with someone else!
First, however, to have a strong testimony we need to have strong faith. With faith we can accomplish nearly anything necessary. I have seen the power and miracle of my faith in the mission and can testify that with faith and if we can truly tell the Lord in prayer that ¨thy will be done¨ and give up our whole hearts unto him, we will NOT find more happiness.  An example- I fasted this week for several things one of which was for my Spanish. After my fast I almost immediately saw and reaped the blessings from this. On that day and consistently throughout the week I was picking up and saying words that I didn’t know the context... hadn’t learned.. and the organization of my sentences. What a blessing this was that I was able to bless more the lives of my investigators through Spanish. They could better understand and it was  all because of faith the sustaining  from food for a bit.
Because of this I want to testify to you that through our simple acts we can truly reap those blessing that the Lord has in store for us. It is a bit like a candy machine.... there is candy there waiting for us but first we have to pay... whether that pay is though a sacrifice or prayer or whatever it may be we can receive that candy. So put forth the effort... give your all and I promise with a little time you will be able to see the ease and joy we can find in life through Christ. This is what I want share with you all in the name of Jesus Christ amen..

tengan un buenisiomo semana!