Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7,2013

                                                                October 7,2013
                             This is our house of prayer for sacrament and what not.

                              Branch council for the first time this branch has ever had!


This is my branch in priesthood session! 

 Wow wasn’t conference amazing! I have never appreciated conference like I have here in the mission. How great a blessing to have to opportunity to listen to 10 hours of revelation and advice for these next 6 months! 

I feel as a lot of the focus was conversion and families. I know that it is in part because the Lord is hastening his work and this is a time of major point of growth in the church but not just in numbers but in families and members as well. It’s predicted that we will hit 100,000 missionaries in the field next year... not only does this mean better faster and stronger missionary work but this also means that in 3 or 4 years we will have more than 100,000 new families with one or two parents as returned missionaries. Can you imagine the growth and strength of these families?! Soon these 100,000 families will have children who will want to follow the example and serve their on missions. The family unit is a unit of God therefore we must treat it like one. 

So for all those who are married, think of ways you can strengthen your family for this growth as well to help other families to endure to the end. But more importantly those young adults or adults ready or preparing for marriage remember that as stated in conference you will not be able to raise a family in the gospel easily in these coming years. But you know what helps? Having a returned missionary in the home. So for those debating or are unsure of  mission service don’t think twice ... just think of your future family. Because you’re not only sacrificing your own blessings by not serving  but the blessings your family could receive from your service as well!

Just some thoughts....

I pray that all of you were able to receive what was needed from conference this year as I received more than I could take in... love you all and God bless!


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