Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014
Baptism of a family of three!

The reason Elder Stoor is getting fat! Full Fridge!

Rio Panuco! I have lived next to this river for more than half my mission as it has passed through 2 of my areas! The only problem is its super dirty.....

Well this will be a general letter as I am out of time to do anything but write on the blog so I hope I can answer the questions and get out a little explanation of what and how I am doing!

 I am still in Panuco and things are going great! I now have 4 almost 5 changes here or 6 months and well it’s been a blast!

 What is happening  here is I have been called as the missionary leader for Panuco and  its made things interesting.  There are 2 branches here and of the 2 they both struggle a lot so we are working for better Branch councils and also have better services, retention ect.  It has been hard as well because I have doubled my work.  It has helped me learn A lot more patience as well as how to cope with stress}. But it’s been good and  I have been learning a ton! hahah for those of you who know what Manual 2 is that is given by the church I think I have the book almost memorized because of all the trainings I have given to the Branch and the District haha!

 But anyways as seen in the photos we had three Baptisms this week and it’s a great family! We hope to see lots of progress with them and well we hope as well to see many more baptisms soon!

 This week has been full of revelation and well some good experiences. Here in Mexico just about everyone is Catholic and because of that everyone believes in God and well that helps a lot when teaching. However for the same reason I have no Idea how to teach someone who doesn’t believe in God. We tried to teach someone that doesn’t have that core belief and even thought I turned out horrid.. like bad enough to make a believer not believe... haha ... he turned up in church and at the baptism and now is a believer! haha cool experience.

 But anyway this week in church there was a focus on church history. It is amazing to see the sacrifice of all the members in the past. The United States isn’t  the only one where the saints have suffered . I believe every country has their own story and  I got to know a little about the story of Mexico and the Church. But something that is common and found in the church no matter where you go in member’s past and present in Consecration. The one thing God has given us that he cannot take away is our will. The right to follow or not to follow, to act or not to act, believe or not to believe. It’s also the only way we can truly show our love and devotion to God and our Savior.... so I invite you to watch the video that is Linked below and to think what it is that your holding back from our God

have a great week and love you all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Well with the little time that I have I would like to tell all that things are wonderful here in Mexico!

The heat has turned on and so has the work.

 The funny story of the week comes from my companion. He was relating to us (me and the Branch President) about his trip here to Mexico because he is from Nicaragua. He mentioned passing over Salvador took forever because they put the pane in Neutral. So we asked why they were just letting it glide  and he said no no no we weren’t gliding we stopped. He was trying to tell us that the plane was stopped in midair for like half an hour...... hahahahaha me and president couldn’t help but laugh and we had to then explain how a plane work and how it stays in the air and that it is impossible that a plane just stops in mid-air.

 Haha but anyways to finish up with time I would like to share a thought from my personal study. This week I finished the book of Mormon and what an amazing book! I love it more every time I read it and hope the same goes for all of you that are reading or that are going to read! But this time around I read it with a question in mind. I wanted to learn how I could truly be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and so I surely got my answer Finishing it and backtracking all of my highlighted versus.

 I found verses of Faith, diligence, courage, charity, Love and many more. Even examples of service and teaching by the spirit but to my surprise all of that  came in a very far second to what is found in every great history of Prophets, missionaries or Jesus Crist himself and that was a humble and sincere prayer to our loving heavenly father. That is how the book begins. Lehi praying for his pueblo and that is also how it ends. Moroni praying over the plates for whomever might read them. I found that to learn we must pray, to find we must ask and as the brother of Jared learned we must never stop asking or looking  for the guidance of the Lord.

 We have heard many times that the missionary work begins on the knees and  the Book of Mormon is a living testament to that! I invite you all.. young, old and in-between.  Believer or non-believe to open you heart as Enos did and pray this day to your heavenly Father and ask him what you must do. I know along with millions of others that if you do the Lord, through the holy Ghost will respond and make you too and instrument in the Lords hands.

Jesus himself stated, “ ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

To this I testify in the name of Jesus Crist amen.

Love you all and have a great week!