Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Me in Mante

This is my church building which is relatively of the nicest spots in Mante ha! And pretty small...a little different than ours back in the states 

Using my brand new concrete weight set and our ironing table for my bench haha!

August 5, 2013
This week has  been a good one. It started out with getting rear ended in our taxi right after writing my emails! Luckily it wasn’t too bad. My comp accidently punched me in the back of the head and he got a bit of whip lash but for all the better the ride was free! ha!
Also this week we had two lessons that were kind of a bible bash which was interesting... however it’s funny that people are willing to tell us how Joseph Smith is of the devil and that only the bible is true and all that jazz when in reality none of them have ever investigated the church nor read in full the bible or even know it well. Because of these experiences I want to share a little this week on the power of a testimony.
In the event of someone wanting to bible bash we are supposed to hold questions for the end of the lesson. First we teach, bear testimony and hope they feel the spirit. Well, more or less this is what we did. We taught and bore testimony. It is cool to see the power and the silence a testimony can bring into a lesson. Because of this I invite you to focus on your testimony and try to find one event this week where you can share it with someone else!
First, however, to have a strong testimony we need to have strong faith. With faith we can accomplish nearly anything necessary. I have seen the power and miracle of my faith in the mission and can testify that with faith and if we can truly tell the Lord in prayer that ¨thy will be done¨ and give up our whole hearts unto him, we will NOT find more happiness.  An example- I fasted this week for several things one of which was for my Spanish. After my fast I almost immediately saw and reaped the blessings from this. On that day and consistently throughout the week I was picking up and saying words that I didn’t know the context... hadn’t learned.. and the organization of my sentences. What a blessing this was that I was able to bless more the lives of my investigators through Spanish. They could better understand and it was  all because of faith the sustaining  from food for a bit.
Because of this I want to testify to you that through our simple acts we can truly reap those blessing that the Lord has in store for us. It is a bit like a candy machine.... there is candy there waiting for us but first we have to pay... whether that pay is though a sacrifice or prayer or whatever it may be we can receive that candy. So put forth the effort... give your all and I promise with a little time you will be able to see the ease and joy we can find in life through Christ. This is what I want share with you all in the name of Jesus Christ amen..

tengan un buenisiomo semana!

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