Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11,2013

November11, 2013
                                                     A little bit of my beautiful area!

 Well it was a good week. Very short and very busy. Being in a pueblo is hard because whenever we have meetings we have to travel a minimum of 1 hour and so it a takes up a lot of time from our work in the area and that’s how this week went... lots of traveling! 

 This week the weather was amazing!!! It is the best I’ve had my entire mission! We got down to a very low 15 degrees .... Celsius ha like 60 in Fahrenheit but it was cold!! We’ve had clouds and a mild 80 degrees all week it’s been great! 

We had an interesting experience this week with one of the families we ate with. No men were in the house as normal so we couldn’t eat inside.  Normally we eat at a table outside of the house but this day it was raining and we had nowhere to eat. So we ate in the pig pen where there was shelter haha.  So we were eating next to their 200 pound pig for our lunch. It was an interesting meal but kinda funny because my new comp is kinda a germaphobe and isn’t used to eating with tortillas (because we don’t use utensils just tortillas) so he was getting all messy and half way through trying to eat his soup with a tortilla he lost his appetite and threw his food to the pig  haha! The life in Mexico!
Not a whole lot of time left but just what to put a little focus on prayer once again! Because once again I’ve reaped the benefits of prayer and see the benefits daily! Prayer as well is a huge part to the day. Satan gets smarter and stronger daily so in turn we need to do the same! I hope and pray all of you pray and read daily so that when the battle comes you will have success! Love you all thanks for the support and have a great week!


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