Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21,2013

October 21,2013
We found a cool plant outside of a house we were contacting and well I was feeling pretty!

 Me in my area of Tanquian!

 Me and my comp in our zone meeting!
Wow what a great week... I have so much to say and so little time to say it. But first off thanks so much for the letter and questions ! I hope I have answered them all.  I love you and thanks for the support!
This week was interesting but good! I received the grand opportunity to go to the temple and it was wonderful and wow I received the strength needed for the week! I encourage all that can to take advantage of the temples you have easy access to and use them!!

First off this week was a little funny as I felt as I was in a novela (soap opera) all week. So much drama and  my comp kinda likes the drama so we were immersed in it! Some people are crazy! But it sure makes things interesting!

 Second and lastly for the sake of time... This was a week of answers for me and how grateful I am.  I have had several questions of the Alma (soul) that I have been looking for.  As they are personal I have only shared them with my journal haha but it has lead me to want to testify to you all that we truly have a wonderful great and powerful Heavenly Father who knows and cares for each one of us. I encourage you to try his Love with a question or several. I wrote out several questions and put them on my desk as I study and even though it took about three weeks to receive answers I got them and with a powerful and overwhelming feeling of the Lords love for me personally. These answers can be found in the BOM, bible, D and C and church magazines. I encourage you to study in variety and for your personal needs. All we must do is ask and then act... with this we can receive any answer! The Lord loves you all and wants to be a part of your life. Allow him to be with you and you WILL receive the help and strength you need.

 One thing I found and particularly liked in my study this week is found in D&C 84:61-62 with a commandment and a promise to give us all hope.... That if we will remain obedient and serve him in preaching and sharing the gospel we will be forgiven! How great a promise. So with this I encourage you all to clean what sins you have and resort to sharing  this wonderful gospel with all! Because as I have found in the mission through these types of services we will become truly converted and receive a true and lasting forgiveness as we put away our sins and move forward. (conference talk by Edward Dube)
Love you all!
Elder Stoor

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