Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 14,2013

October 14, 2013
Me and my comp in the field

This is how I wish I could leave the house to share the gospel ha

  Great week but with tons of sun. Mexico doesn’t know what winter is haha. Anyways not a whole lot of exciting news to share and I’m short on time.

 However some of the things I had written down to share are- first off  there is a lot of coke a cola here in Mexico. I’m getting fatter and I know why haha. I started paying attention and I’m pretty sure in this area we drink about a liter of coke a day! That along with the tortillas has not been the best of diet..... but oh well it’s my time to enjoy free food haha. 

 Second off I still am without a baptism but one of my investigators from Mate is getting baptized this week! We found her by way of MEMBER REFERAL and she was progressing well and was only waiting for a firm response of confirmation that this was the true church. Well on conference Sunday we went into valles to watch conference and who would have guessed but she was the in valles! And not only that, but she was there looking for me to tell me personally that she had received an answer and is getting baptized this week! One happy moment for me in the mission. 

 Well I’ve used up all my time on other letters today but hope all is well and let you prayers go out to the family of Elder Kunz!

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