Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12,2013

The area way out in the sticks

A house for a family that we contacted...pretty poor but typical for our area...very humbling

Me walking on water!!

Hola todo!
This week was a good one the weather cooled and we got some rain... kinda reminded me of Hawaii!
Anyways I proved myself as a Mexican this week as I downed one of the hotter peppers they have. It was one my Mexican comp wouldn’t eat! whoo ha!
I has been a great blessing as well that I haven’t had any stomach problems or as Dawson would say ¨travelers¨ diarrhea haha.... because there are a lot of gringos here that are constantly having problems with those sorts of things.
Our problem this week in teaching lessons was investigators who can’t read because they were never taught.  It is hard because how can you gain a testimony if you can’t read what we’re teaching?! Well, we have a way, by reading with those who want to know... it’s like story time for our investigators ha!
This week I found a lot more confidence in my Spanish. It began with the assistants.... they visited our area and stayed in our house (because we have the nicest pad of the missionaries in Mante ha) I was able to talk with them well and they were impressed with how well I can speak for my time here! The second thing that helped me realize my progression was in church. One of the talks didn’t show and we had fifteen min left. The bishop spotted me and said we will now hear from elder Stoor. Well this was a surprise to me and I began to pray! Twenty min latter the bishop is telling me to finish.haha  It was a good experience... I just hope everyone understood the message I wanted to get out. Lastly was today! We were playing sports with the zone and I was talking and making fun and really making a Mexican out of myself haha. All is well here in Mante and I’m loving it!
The work struggled this week a bit but we got to go to our area como bien lejos and visit some less actives and references.... was really out in the hills... nice and quiet and friendly!
We also got caught in some major rain and that’s the pictures I have of the area and me walking on water.
Not a whole lot of time today but know all is well and thank you for your prayers and support!

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