Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19,2013

August 19,2013
Tampico Temple-a picture I took while in Tampico for my visa last Monday

A new investigator's house

downtown Mante
Well, I had a really cool experience and a good spiritual thought prepared but I don’t have time for it today ... it’ll have to be the next week sorry!
But all is well here. It was a blazer this week .... super hot! The work started off slow but picked up and now we  have 5 more investigators, all of which have baptismal dates ... let’s hope they don’t fall through!
And it’s official.... I’m not coming home ha... .I’m already sad for the day I leave and am trying to forget how much time I have in the mission so I don’t have to think about how fast time is passing! ...
Hope all is well and have a very wonderful week!

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