Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25,2013

November 25, 2013

We were cleaning the water out of this hole where they are going to put a toilet!

A normal house for this part of Tanquian... a lot with grass roofs!

Cleaning the house of prayer Sat. night
Well as always I am short on time but wow this week flew by! We had a few short days here in our area as we spent two days in Tamuin with our district leader and in Tampico for a training for us trainers and our sons haha. It was all really good and we came back to out area riding a spiritual high and went to work..... the fruits of our work this week were miles and miles of walking but with 4 lessons with an amazing spirit and just wow! I love to work here and I could just finish my year and a half more in this area! 
The experience in being a trainer has been amazing! I have learned so much and really have been losing myself in the work...... I have so much to do in this branch and with my new elder my mind is in missionary mode 24-7 but I wouldn't have it any other way! I can really testify that is we are heavily involved in the Lords work we will not find any greater joy! 
I have been hearing a lot of missionary experiences from friends and family back home and it just warms my soul... haha.... to hear of my family a friends finding joy in the work as well! 

I have been bad at writing these past few weeks but am going to try to be a bit more organized and get out better letters and stories! but por fin (finally) it has been getting kinda cold here! I almost forgot what its like to not be living in my sweat 24-7 ha! one day I even wore a jacket which was a miracle.... and the cold here is like 16 degrees..... celcius bahaha.... but anyways love you all and well chat next week!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11,2013

November11, 2013
                                                     A little bit of my beautiful area!

 Well it was a good week. Very short and very busy. Being in a pueblo is hard because whenever we have meetings we have to travel a minimum of 1 hour and so it a takes up a lot of time from our work in the area and that’s how this week went... lots of traveling! 

 This week the weather was amazing!!! It is the best I’ve had my entire mission! We got down to a very low 15 degrees .... Celsius ha like 60 in Fahrenheit but it was cold!! We’ve had clouds and a mild 80 degrees all week it’s been great! 

We had an interesting experience this week with one of the families we ate with. No men were in the house as normal so we couldn’t eat inside.  Normally we eat at a table outside of the house but this day it was raining and we had nowhere to eat. So we ate in the pig pen where there was shelter haha.  So we were eating next to their 200 pound pig for our lunch. It was an interesting meal but kinda funny because my new comp is kinda a germaphobe and isn’t used to eating with tortillas (because we don’t use utensils just tortillas) so he was getting all messy and half way through trying to eat his soup with a tortilla he lost his appetite and threw his food to the pig  haha! The life in Mexico!
Not a whole lot of time left but just what to put a little focus on prayer once again! Because once again I’ve reaped the benefits of prayer and see the benefits daily! Prayer as well is a huge part to the day. Satan gets smarter and stronger daily so in turn we need to do the same! I hope and pray all of you pray and read daily so that when the battle comes you will have success! Love you all thanks for the support and have a great week!


Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Nov 4,2013

My new district and  new companion

My birthday cake!

                            My birthday meal... it’s what I got with my birthday money ha
They have some crazy wooden masks

Some of the dancers of the dia de muerte

 Wow what a week! It was sure different being a holiday week it was really hard to find many people to teach as all were participating in the festivities of dia de muertos and dances called Huehues. It was really cool and interesting but as mentioned made for a hard week of work.

 The settings have changed...  have a new companion who is new so I’m training and still trying to better the language while trying to plan the day and lessons. It was a huge change with a lot more responsibility but it made me a lot more focused on the work and I’m loving it more than ever now haha! 

Had some birthday celebrations with investigators and some members which was a lot of fun! It was hard to remember it was my birthday because we continued in the work and all I wanted for my birthday was a day of success and well... it didn’t come ha.... but I’ve got a lot of hope that things will start progressing rapidly here this week! 

 I don’t have a lot of time left but this week in my study I studied about the life of Jesus Christ and his example for us and found some very interesting and new ideas that I shared with investigators for some powerful lessons. I was looking at his life and the perfect example he gave us. First when he was found teaching in the temple luke 2. 42 to 49. I loved where he states he was only doing the Fathers work. This shows he spared no time in doing his fathers will and recognizing his purpose. Second we find him in the waters of baptism. Luke 3. 21 and 22 where the father says to him how pleased his is that his is doing his will. I liked in 2nd nefi 31. 5 where it talks a little more on his baptism and how important it is for us. The Lord wasn’t baptized to be cleansed but to follow the commandments and continue in showing us the way. Third I found him fasting and suffering for 40 days with temptations to show that even though we live perfectly, life won’t always be easy... but if we will remember our purpose we can conquer anything.... Luke 4. 1 to 8. Also  he is teaching the sacrament Luke 22 15 to 20. So that we might always remember him.... and his example so that we might become more like him. Lastly he showed his love by suffering more than humanly possible for all of us that we might be able to become like him in perfection in being freed from sin and faults. I challenge you to ponder these scriptures and the truly perfect life Christ showed us so that we might be perfect like unto him and our Father and receive eternal life- the greatest gift. 

 Love you all and may God be with you!