Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 9, 2013

Well went to iron my favotite pants and well the iron was a bit hot..... boooo that 2 pants down and 8 more to go haha

I went on divisions and this is how i found the bathroom in the other area..... ha needless to say i went without a shower that day!
Some district soccer the other day.... and my fat face haha! triste comida mexicana! porque tan rrrrrico!

This week flew by! I spent 4 out of 7 days outside of my area! So we didn't make a lot of progress here in Tanquian but I hope I did something in the other areas that I was in! 

Me and my comp have put an extra focus on the little blessings we receive every day! Its amazing how many we receive in this great work that we have part in! It almost become a normality... like when we pray for what we should teach or who and almost always have the same thoughts after a prayer or how the spirit aligns our thoughts when we are in tune! This work is truly amazing! I am so blessed and hope you all feel the same in this wonderful gospel! 

Well I will have to apologize.... my general letters have been slow. I have lost a bit of my organization over the past few weeks but we are now in a new change and will be better is sharing some of my amazing experiences with all of you! I love you all and have a wonderful freezing week! 

P.S. Who has seen the new Mormon message about cedar breaks! ..... talk about being homesick I love it there and I could almost feel the cool breeze and smell the cedar trees while watching the video haha"!

love you all y nos vemos por la proximo semana!
December 16, 2013
                                                                           bus ride to Valles
                                                      My very pretty Christmas tree this year
 Me and my zone leader who got changed this change. I'm looking a bit more fat no?  Elder Padilla has been my district and zone leader..... and was a great one
Alrightly.... well this week was a rough one. I'd have to say the hardest of my mission thus far! We had very little success and did tons of walking. One pair of shoes started ripping... boo.... don't buy Johnson and murphy for walking.
We had a variety of things go wrong this week that by Saturday night when our branch president called us to say he wouldn’t be at church and that no one was assigned to talk I had had it.... I found it very difficult to be the smiley joking missionary I usually am... And I know I’m trying my best and that’s what matters but I just couldn’t regain the energy I needed just by knowing I’m working hard because I’m the kind of person that likes instant gratification.... so I began to study to lift the mood.... And I fell upon the topic of grace and repentance as well as the explanation. And this is what I found.
 In the bible dictionary I really like the definition of both repentance and grace.... Repentance talks on not only changing ourselves through repentance or distancing ourselves from sin but rather to be closing the gap between our will and the Fathers. In grace it describes a little on the divine power that we can receive through the atoning grace of Christ. What a gift! We through the atonement not only can be cleaned and purified from sin but also can receive divine help and power to do so! What are we waiting for?!
 I have seen and can bear strong testimony that these two great gifts are real and within our touch, but as a car doesn’t serve for anything without first being turned on we will not receive any benefit of these two great gifts without first starting the process to obtain them.
Now as an older brother and a friend to many still at home I would like to add this part, one way that we can start this process of repentance and receiving a divine power is through our service to God. In D and C 84:61 and 62 we read
61 For I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment—that you remain steadfast in your minds in solemnity and the spirit of prayer, in bearing testimony to all the world of those things which are communicated unto you.
 62 Therefore, ago ye into all the world; and unto whatsoever place ye cannot go ye shall send, that the testimony may go from you into all the world unto every creature.
so if you don’t understand let me explain quickly...... If you want power from God and to be forgiven make the sacrifice to serve for two years in whatsoever place and receive the most blessed two years of your life.... and if not.... your condemned......
 ha no but really think about it.... if you do it for the right reasons you will not have made and better choice in your life!

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