Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29, 2013

2 week old pup! These are everywhere because of all the stray dogs. Maybe I'll sneak one home in 2 years

                   El Centro in Mante...where all the shops and literally the center of town is
Playing handyman on P-day on the ac...the most important part of our house ha! Anyone have a GE sylinoid for an ac model cause that's what it needs!:(
 July 29,2013
Well not much time this week but here it is....
This week was a good one! Had training in Tampico with the president (which meant I get a 3 hour nap there and back) learned a lot and it was good to see all the buddies from the MTC were still doing well!
Slow week other than that.... we walked and walked and walked and didn’t have a whole ton of success... but we tried!

Had one interesting experience with one of our less active members .We went looking for him when he didn’t show for church yesterday and found him with his beer at a buddies. He has some physical capabilities and has had some struggles.... well anyways he wasn’t finding much more purpose for his life... but luckily in came the missionaries! How great it is that we have scriptures and a plan of salvation so that we can bring comfort to those who need it! D&C 121:1-7 is sufficient to help anyone in need of help, so read it when your down and find strength in the Lord! Secondly what a gift it is that I can sit with someone and give hope that in the life after this and the resurrection they will have no in-capabilities. All we have to do is preseverar hasta el fin! So take pride in this life and this wonderful blessing of the gospel that we have. The root to the word gospel is ¨good news¨and what good new it is!

Love you all have thanks for the support!

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