Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8,2013

July 8, 2013

 Well it’s another week down!

 This week was a rough one as far as numbers and lessons go.... we were down to one day where we only taught one lesson and it was to a convert haha. Mante I think is a difficult área. It’s common throughout this whole zone to struggle in getting people to progress. They know what we say is true and like our beliefs but when it comes down to putting forth the effort.... nada. We have three investigators with baptismal dates however one of our mission rules is that any investigator has to attend church 4 Sundays in a row in order to receive baptism... this is a great rule since so there are so many less actives here but at the same time really stinks because it is so hard to get someone to attend church 4 times in a row... however it is good that  I can still find happiness when I say my nightly prays and no matter the success I can say that I did all I could. That is good enough for me!

 The language is coming! It’s still hard but in church this Sunday I actually could tell you what the lessons and testimonies were about! With this as well I have been able to speak better and contribute much more to the lessons. I have always been able to let the spirit control my words but here it is hard in the fact that inspired questions and ´´speaking by the spirit´´ comes in the form of English and then I have to translate haha!

One of my best lessons this week is when we were teaching a less active family and I felt to talk in third Nephi in chapters 11 and 12... this is when Jesús descends to minister unto the Nephites. In 3nefi 11 vs 1-7 talks on the gente hearing the voice of the lord. We can relate this to ourselves. It took the Nephites three times to recognize the voice of the Lord. How many times does it take us? How familiar are we with the voice of the Lord and the Spirit? Do we hearken the first time or the fifth? I know that when we hearken the first time that the Lord will bless us for this and also when we listen and respond the first time our Savior will gain more trust in us and will rely on us more often. This has been something that I have been working on for some time and a mission has only helped! Let’s put a Little more focus into all of our lives so that we can progress and help other through the Holy Ghost!

 I was able to teach this similar principal to the less actively family and I took a good half hour of the 45 min lesson! Every week every day my Spanish progresses and a lot of that help is divine in nature.

 The temperature this week was great! We had a lot of clouds and although the humidity was bad it was 100 at time instead of 120 at times! haha I found my alarm clock has a temperature gauge and so I glance at the temperature in our room from time to time..... our room with the ac on is on average 90 ha... when you walk into this room it feels like an Ice box haha... I´m afraid i will come home and freeze because I’ve barely been here and 90 already feels nice ha!

 To answer some questions  
Mexico is crazy and better than I had hoped.. .I love it here already but I do miss the good old US. Here is crazy poor and dirt all the time... its just a different culture. The people are so nice and very giving though! Also for the most part trustworthy. I have talked to many elders and well very very rarely to we worry about getting mugged or chased or anything like that... the biggest concern is dogs... they are everywhere and love to bark... so far only one close encounter but you´ve always got to be on your toes! This is because we dont have any bike or any cars in the whole mission. Not even the APs have cars because of the liability in driving here the people are crazy!

 I am running out of time so since I am now a missionary and not really allowed to share my testimony in sacrament anymore I will share it with you now!

 I know with every fiber of my being that this gospel is true. Over these several weeks I have been privileged to see but only a sliver our Father has for us. As we learn more our desire to share this góspel increases in part because our love for others increases. I feel there is no more important thing to do throughout our live that these three simple things-  Read our scriptures, when we read we receive power for on high. Though this divine book we can learn more about ourselves that in any other book. In the book of mormon we can find strength DAILY even if its within one verse. Second is to pray, when we pray we have the opportunity to converse with our maker. To give thanks for all that we have been given, ask for forgiveness in our short comings and ask for things that are needed. And lastly to attend church. A mere 3 hours a week to learn more about our Heavenly Father and his son is such a simple task for so many blessings! With these three things we will receive power and strength enough our rock will not be shaken.

I am out of time so I close this in The Name of Jesús Christ amen.



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