Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Another week in the books! And it was a good one!

First off to answer some questions,

My house is nice....for Mexico but ya it serves its purpose haha

There is no government assistance here so poor is poor.... if you have no job or are too old to work you hope to have children that can help provide for you.

 The tech. is limited here. Few homes have a computer and internet but smart phones are fairly common. I write my weekly letters in what is called a ciber. A little business with a few computers that have internet and what not. You pay hourly 8 pesos which is less than a dollar ha. There is a ciber within 15 min walking distance of anywhere.

That’s another thing. There are little ´´corner´´ stores everywhere here. Every block or so there is a little store kind of like a super ghetto maverick and is someones living room ha. You can get tortillas and snacks here there. Pretty cool.

We eat every day with a member but at 2 for lunch since the culture here eats dinner around eight or nine. So we have a small breakfast, huge lunch and tiny snack for dinner... it works out pretty well.
The Zone meets weekly for planning and learning and sometimes more. Esta llamando la junta de zóna. The first picture is at one of these meetings where the mission president was also present for the meeting.
Anyways it was a really good week, we met some of our goals and surpassed nearly all of our previous weeks numbers! We have about 8 new investigators and 3 or so that are promising. It was pretty funny we had an investigator named Jose and during our lesson we taught him about baptism, in which he said he was baptized. We that began to ask about it (as many are baptized into the catholic church as infants).... well it wasn´t that catholic church or the Baptist.... he said it was the Mormon church! So we were teaching a less active the investigator lessons because he forgot more or less that he was Mormon ha. Goes only more to prove that really it’s like Utah here the only difference is that half or more forgot they were members haha!

One of my favorite parts in teaching the discussions is the first vision. Vi una columna de luz mas brillante que el sol. directament arriba de mi cabeza este luz gradualmente decendio hasta descansar sobre mi. al reposar este luz sobre mi. vi en el airre dos personages cuyo fulgor y gloria no admitten description. una de ellos me hablo y llamando mi por mi nombre y dije, señalando la otro. esta es mi hijo amado. eschuchalo!.......without fail every time I share this in a lesson silence follows and the spirit enters. it only goes to prove that the Lord will confirm truth and when we repeat whole or sacred words he is listening and is willing to acknowledge that based off our faith. This week take a little time to study the JST history to gain an even greater appreciation for the man who provided us this wonderful gospel!

I’m nearly out of time so that’s all I have for this week but all is well here in Mante! I just got my ariats shined for the week and am off to buy food and the sonaria for the week so life is good ha!

Love you all and wish you the best in your comfortable lives back in the states haha!


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