Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014
I had my second baptism this week and well the font turned out anything but inviting..... Its how the water leaves the faucet here in rancho Chico but the baptism was great!

First off I burnt my hand pretty good this week.... quite a shiner haha! I was heating up shoe polish because it was all broken up and it decided to catch on fire! The rest is self-explanatory... made for a good journal entry!


Lunch  mmmmmmmm caldo de pescado entero. Was really pretty good .I have been thinking about all the stuff I eat and its really crazy but I’ve just gotten used to the culture and it all seems normal but I am missing a little a real hamburger or some lasagna!

The photo run should be good this week as I was again in Rancho Chico!
Well it turned out to be a good week we had some fun and are finding a lot of success with this branch.The work is progressing and although I may not see it, there should be quite a few baptisms in the upcoming months.

Well the gut of this week is when we were off to Rancho Chico where we had a lot of fun and success! This branch is amazing.  I had the opportunity to speak and take part in a young women’s activity of some sort and here are some of my thoughts!

I have been on the topic of baptism lately and in looking at the life of Jesus Christ his baptism was one of the lesser things that he did throughout his ministry. He began with his baptism to fulfill the will of God but certainly did not end there. He continued by fasting, teaching, healing and in the end saving all men from pain and sin.

Why should it be any different for us? What are we doing now to one take upon us his name (Jesus Christ) and two are our actions getting better or are they slowly digressing?  The Lord put in perfect example of how we should act and do the things our God commands. One way is by being an instrument in his hands... I liked especially this video...... http://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-12-10-an-instrument-in-his-hands?lang=eng

But to continue we should be constantly looking for ways and preparing ourselves to do the Lords work. I am short on time but I would invite you to think and ponder in how you can better look, prepare and follow the Lord's will in being a better servant through several simple things. First is by  taking initiative. Ask the Lord and look for your help. Second is to always be doing the basics- reading, praying and going to church and third constantly repent because  the Lord, I have learned, has a hard time working with unclean things.

 I had more but maybe next week ... love you and may the Lord bless!

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