Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014
Have you ever seen 6 missionaries in a taxi? Only in Mexico!

This is how I have to study every morning haha because my comp makes so much dang noise haha

I only have two photos this week but don’t worry a lot of good happened

Some updates are...
-I’m in a new change but with the same comp Elder Tuñon (because I have a lot more to learn on patience haha)

-The heat is coming back.... we reached the 90s this week

 -the fingers are healed from my burn

-Well i think that’s it. Everything is about the same.

This week we had a great opportunity to see, meet and here from area president Johnson. He gave some council to the mission on Saturday and spoke in my branch on Sunday! It was great and I learned a few lessons that I’d like to share.

 First off I God’s purpose... I Moses 1:39 It teaches that the mission that God has is to bring us eternal live and immortality. Does God have any other purpose? Can you think of one? .... I’ll help you out.... He has one and only one. That means, and I testify, that everything done in the church is directed of God . That means everything done in the church has that same purpose. No matter the age or calling we are working to help people receive eternal life.  But the only way that is possible is if we endure to the end. A baptism doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t press forward. It is actually worse because it condemns us. So this is our great work and purpose ... what are we doing to receive or complete the goal?

 Reading the scriptures needs to be one of those things. If we are not reading the scriptures regularly.... regularly is daily... it is only a matter of time until we fall into temptation. We will not go anywhere without the strength of the scriptures! So I invite you to begin reading if you’re not and read more if you are .... and especially in families!

 I would love to continue but have use up my time but I love you all and hope we can all continue progressing to earn a gift as great as eternal life!

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