Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Well, finally I am able to repent and get out a decent blog! I Had to show up earlier and ask for more time because I made the mistake thinking that things would be a little bit more relaxed this week haha but today there were changes and I was called to open up another area.... again. This will be the third since July and my 7th area in 8 changes.....haha Well, it’s good that time isn’t on my side because even though it is always a great experience opening up an area it is hard work and you don’t sleep much and well ya... haha enough of that.

 Things have been going really well here in the Huasteca...... the enchiladas (]photo 1) are great! The people are super nice and we are having a ton of success with them! (photo 2) and  life is good. Over these past few changes I have learned a lot and hope to be able to put it into practice my whole life. One thing that I have learned is that no matter how busy we are we have to know how to prioritize! Here, with the assignment that I have, it has been hard to make sure that I am doing enough spiritual stuff so that things throughout the day go well. This is an important lesson for all of us! As we get involved in our lives we often fall into the oh so famous pride cycle...... Which means that we follow the declaration in Helaman 12:1 which states that -

Y así podemos ver cuán falso e inconstante es el corazón de los hijos de los hombres; sí, podemos ver que el Señor en su grande e infinita bondad bendice y hace prosperar a aquellos que en él ponen su confianza.

 We need to always be worried about this cycle and what point we are on a daily basis. We decide to learn quick or we can decide to learn slow but the sooner we find that starting the day with the Lord in our lives we will be able to get along a lot better in this gift of life God has given us.

But anyways being in a new area I am with a new comp (Photo 3) His name is Elder Harris and he is from Utah! We think we might be cousins haha (I’ll leave you in charge of that mom) but things have been different. This is my first gringo compañion and it has been pretty funny. We’re pretty alike so we have been laughing since about last Monday. The weirdest things have been happing too.... for example..... we showed up to meet some members and as we were talking to the Dad he kindly mentioned to us that our zippers were down haha.... my comp started laughing because he didn’t understand that they were OUR zippers and so after I got mine taken care of the guy mentioned to him again and well it just turned into a funny moment as he had to awkwardly fix his zipper.... and well that has been a little bit of our life this week haha... It should be a good change.

 Time is winding down but for now things are going great here and the mission life is the life to be living!  I think that is so because as we (the missionaries) live 100% in the gospel every day there is very little that could go wrong. So apply that a little more in your life today and it’s probable that you end up just a little bit happier.

 Love ya all and we will talk soon!

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