Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015


Well, today I am going to be a little more "frito" as they say here and just talk a little about the life here where I am working. It is weird because I am so used to it now but there are a lot of things that are very different here in Mexico and even more here in Huejutla. Some of the things are...... Little gas station type stores in one or two houses on every block. That happens because there are fewer families that have cars here and it’s more convenient to just head next door and do your shopping at the neighbor’s house. Our area is huge so for the same reason we use a lot of taxis and trucks.... haha yes trucks... here in the Huasteca there are tons of little towns outside of town and there are little Nissan trucks with flatbeds and wooden benches in the back and that’s how you get from place to place..... speaking of we are in charge of a little town called Panacaxtlan (panakatzlan "inglish") where there are only about 400 people and the majority make Bread... sweet bread. The only problem is the majority speak a dialect  called Nauat.  They don’t understand very well Spanish so I am now going for another language ahah.... we have picked up a little bit but it is pretty rough......

 So aside for playing in the sticks and eating bread all day we also enjoyed another luxury here in Mexico the other day when my comp overdosed on grease (from egg rolls, French fries, fried bananas and you know it a funnel cake... all homemade) we went to a doctor who charges 35 pesos for a checkup (about 4 bucks) and he tells you what’s wrong and what medicine to buy and all is done in a little room out back of a pharmacy ahah... how convenient right!!!!

 Unfortunately my time is up but I will have you all know that I am loving it here and I am loving the culture (as explained above) I will try to get something better out next week but have a good week everyone and as they say here..... Don’t pet that dog it’s not as friendly as it looks!

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