Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 20,2014

Oct 20, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Well I have really had some great experiences but due to my lack of time, as of late, they are getting kept in the journal! However, I have asked for extra time today to make sure I get time for the zone and to be able to get out a good letter to all who are reading....

  Things have been changing so fast I don’t thing you are all up to date. I have had 4 areas in 4 changes all with a little work to get something  started (I usually get to be the fixer-upper of some of the minor problems here in the mission but it’s a good job!) But right now I am in Tampico but a new area just north of my last and well, it has been going good! However, we have found several difficulties.  For one I am in a trio and I guess sometimes  three is a crowd. That has been the blessing and the burden as of late because recently  have been finding how I want to be and also how hard it is to change... especially when you get easily bugged by your companions haha....

 But I mention this with a purpose. There is a phrase that I heard from President McKay, I think, that says, “The atonement is to make bad men good and good men better and to change human nature.” What a powerful phrase but how true it really is.  I think that we often lose focus on the part that says, “and good men better.” How does one use the atonement when they are obedient? or clean? or even just a good person?  You can use it applying the powerful effects of the divine power that it gives us. I believe that there are few greater feelings than those of seeing the good changes that have been made in a span of years or only months and well this comes through the atonement of Christ!

  I invite all to search out how we can do better and act! God has given all of us gifts that if found can become talents which  is one of our greatest purposes here in this life... to prepare! "Y serais tal como yo soy" 3 nefi 28:10

 I love ya all and wish ya a happy week!

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