Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Nov 24, 2014
Well every time a new month is coming up things get kinda busy..... so I am gonna take advantage and get ya´ll out a good letter! 

Winter here has been trying to show up lately. We´ve gotten down to the lowest of 14 degrees....celcious haha thats about 60 degrees in the states.... haha the bad part is that even though its only about 60 out it still is stinkin cold! I have gotten used to the warm here and that’s got me worried. I’m gonna die when I get home... or maybe I´ll just head back to Hawaii haha 

The weeks seem to be going by faster and It seems that I begin to enjoy the work a little more each week. It’s gonna be a hard one when it gets to be time to go home but  I learned young that if you leave it all on the mat you might miss it later on but you won’t wanna go back to get rid of regrets and that my friends is a good feeling. 

I have really liked this video... 1- because it has motorcycles and 2- because it is in my hometown.... but 3- because it teaches a principal of the gospel that is very important. It talks about how we should be... or our CHARACTER. Character is something that all of the LDS members need. Many times we proudly declare that are members of the True church of Christ... but then outside of the church we forget how powerful that phrase is! We must never let our guard down or never begin to lose the value that the restored gospel has for each and every one of us.

Sometimes it’s hard to always hold precious what we always have. So how can we always remember the importance of what we are doing without having to lose this perfect gospel that we have? One thing that has helped me is always recognizing that what I have is never sufficient. Sometimes we get comfortable and Nephi clearly explains how dangerous that is. We must understand that whatever amount of knowledge of conversion that we have... it is not enough. That is why Nephi says "Wo be unto him that saith, we have received, we need no more" That is a Phrase that is as applicable inside the church as outside of it. We must be careful and always be looking forward. If we do so we will be blessed in ways that we cannot imagine and we will be able to create a relation with our father in heaven so strong that we will be surprised at how well we know him as we return to his presence. 

I am learning this and it is helping me take advantage of my time here and well I hope it to be as the same help for all of you! Love you all and happy Thanksgiving!

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