Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Well this was quite the week! I headed to the offices to pick up a new missionary to train and ended up in the offices up until Wednesday and I am still without a new missionary! I guess he didn’t show because he is waiting on his visa. So I get put into special changes with two of the other missionaries here in Panuco and it’s been good! I’m with elder Pond from Honeyville Utah and Elder Castro from Maxalan, Sinaloa. It’s been a super hard week but it has been really good at the same time!

 I don’t have a lot of time but I did want to share a little on hard work and service......

 This week was rough as I was worried about how I was going to maintain 2 areas being in a trio and all that good stuff and I don’t feel like I was un-motivated. If anything, I was more motivated, but the worry got to me and by Sunday I was burnt out and was ready for a p-day hah..... good thing it got here.

 But one thing that helped me a ton was that Pâté Miranda, the Branch president, pulled me aside as he had noticed that I was a bit burn out and figured it was un-excitement.  He  let me know that I have been one of the more diligent and dedicated missionaries that he has seen (not to brag but to make my point) and well anyone hearing that I’m sure would perk up a bit, but more than anything it reminded me of the purpose or goal that I have here in the mission. Work so much that every day you can lay down and have no doubt that you had done all that is possible. Well, I have pretty regularly been able to do that and it brings joy to the soul! haha

 However, I have seen with other missionaries that it gets time to change areas or something of the matter and they leave with regret or they didn’t leave a good impression on the members. That hurts and creates a huge burden. I think that this applies in almost even aspect of life. I have seen it in school, wrestling and work and I have been on both sides.  Work at first is hard but there is no doubt that no matter what we’re doing if we do it with all that we have we will leave with a truly satisfying feeling.... and even more so when it involves the work of the Lord.

 That being said I invite you as Jesus has In Matthew 10 to lose your life for the sake of the Lord so that you might find it. Because with the good and bad feeling that we have looking back on our works here are pretty strong but they will only be magnified and we are standing to be judged by our Father in heaven...... so as Dad says don’t be a worthless puke and do something in your life haha. Whether it’s in studies, work or the gospel I promise that we will reap the blessings for the work and effort we put into our lives and this I share in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

 Have a great week and love you all!

P.S. it’d be fun to see some pictures of family and friends in their summer activities!

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