Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014
We had quite the spiritual experience this week after our training for new elders and trainers. We have been teaching a sister who has received a testimony of the restored gospel and has been making several life changes to follow the teachings. Because of this we have been visiting her 2 or more times a week at the minimum giving us a lot of contact with the family. One difficulty she has is the lack of support from family and friends trying to get her to drop the -Mormons-. However we saw the hand of God helping her this week through not only us but distant family and friends through her brother.
Her brother served a mission for a Cristian based church for many years and later became a pastor here in Tanquian, however he with time has become impressed with the missionaries and also with the overall organization of the LDS church and its doctrine. Finally we had a chance to talk with him and found that he attended a wedding party to a member of the church and had much interaction with members and truly could feel the spirit present in the activity which caused him to think a bit. Long story short, in this opportunity to talk with her brother we made the leap of faith following the newly received training we had to invite ALL to baptism as soon as the spirit is present and that’s what we did. A date was accepted along with a book of Mormon and determination to find the answer. It was a Jump forward here that we have been waiting on and hope we can do what is needed to help in this path along with his Sister. But thank you for the advice and teaching in all but more specifically in baptism... we are now 2 converted to invite all men to come unto Christ through baptism in the FIRST lesson. Have a great week!

 This was a letter out to my mission president but would like to share for my blog for sake of time as well as to show that we need not be afraid to share the gospel nor to follow the spirit! Love you all and share the gospel with someone this week you may be surprised and the success you have!

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