Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

January 27,2014

My branch my last day before changes!

My son... haha or my greenie

 My new district leader 

Well the life has been great here in Panuco! The branch is amazing. They are attacking the mission work and hastening the work in all aspects! A very,very nice change from my last two areas.

I am getting the hang of direction as well getting to know the people and enjoying what little time left we have till this place becomes an oven again haha! 

I am with Elder Tuñon an elder from Panama and so far it has been fun getting to know him we are really enjoying the time we have. He is a bit sensitive and for those who know me I’m anything but sensitive so I’m keeping an eye on my words and actions. haha  Well I can wrestle... I’ve wrestled around with all of my comps thus far so hopefully I can take a change or two without having some horse play haha! 

But anyways this week was fantastic...for the past while I have been pretty comfortable with the language but right now (still making mistakes) I feel I have total confidence which has been helping a ton in the lessons! That being said as well as the unity that we have as a companionship in our lessons I feel like I am teaching the best I have been in the mission... but makes sense right... I should be progressing. I am super stoked for the opportunity to work in this branch and give it all I’ve got to really make a change here. 

I LOVE teaching we have been getting in about 5 lessons a day which is way more than any other area I have had and I have been loving it and that is what I want to share today. When we open our mouth the words will flow and we will be blessed with happiness! In the hastening of the work we have been invited many times to open our mouth as well as pray for opportunities to share the gospel. I would like to extend the invitation otra ves! I have seen how exciting it is to get to know new people this week. I have met so many new people and feel as if I have become their friend. With all of my ¨friends” have shared an aspect of the gospel with them to brighten their lives. I has truly been a blessing and hope that all of you as well can participate in such happiness..

Love you all have a great week sharing this marvelous gospel! 

p.s. I’d like to hear some experiences if you have them!

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