Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

The best Zone in the mission! and the largest haha!

We got to stay in the presidents house for a training session with the area president.... nicest night in the whole mission!

We had a steak out today haha! going away party as Elder Miss is headed for home next week!
 I have to start this letter off expressing the Love I have for the mission. This week I made it (very unhappily) to my one-year mark and l I did some reflecting and what a joy it brings. First off for all those who are thinking or preparing for a mission...... Ohala! I had always heard it is the best two years of your life. This first year was good but I did reflect a few times on high school, old girlfriends, and my toys, of course. However, these past few months not one time has any of that crossed my mind. I have figured out the language, how to teach, how to work and other things that have caused me to be lost in the work. What a marvelous feeling to wake up knowing, not hoping, that it’s going to be the best day, that my friends are the obra misional and I hope all get their chance to participate in this joy!

 This week I have had on my mind some of our less actives and some others that I am working with in context of conversion. Are you converted? One thing that we can to do to check our conversion is take the best quiz ever written.... Alma 5. Throughout alma 5 we are asked about 30 different questions some of which are very penetrating and reflective (like the kind of questions a good missionary asks haha) that I would invite all to reflect on .I will only focus on one right now that can put things into perspective.

With that in mind remember after doing a job or completing an activity poorly and after doing so the regret and sickness you felt. Now try and put that into perspective with every action that we make in this life. That is why we as missionaries and parents focus soooo much on reading, praying and going to church because with these we will be guided in whatever situation that we need.

I invite you all to find true happiness in your lives and in preparing. As stated by the Lord himself stating that he who finds his life shall lose in and he who loses his life for the Lord shall find it. I testify to this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior Amen.

love you all and have a good week!

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