Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 5,2013

Hola everyone!,
Third week down at the mtc! It's been another great week! We've had some reall good devotionals as well as I am realizing the crazy amount of spanish that I am learning! But as always there is always good with the bad. I wont go into detail but companions are hard but I have learned I can live with anyone if I will just see them as the lord does.
It's amazing how relaxed elders and sisters get with the rules... I feel that they feel they are more suggestions rather than goals... or that if they choose some and follow a few of those chosen their doing well?? I think that this may be true in all of our lives, the Lord has given us mandenmientos to follow (commandments) and sometimes we will go about doing as nephi tells in 2 nephi 6 vs. 7-9 i think it is that says only commit a little sin as for tommorrow we die and if so the lord will only beat us with a few stripes... (very roughly quoted) but you get the idea.... Here at the MTC people think it is not possible to follow ALL of the rules and feel if they try at those rules that they have chosen they will do fine. In this I am not saying I follow all the rules either however I do try my best; and that what we should all be doing. Don't look at rules to be to difficult or think that is too much to be expected but rather press forward and put your shoulder to the wheel and give it your best effort.... not quit when the rules get hard... You will not be blessed unless you try.
The language has been going great! I feel I am really progressing in the language. I have tons more to learn but as of this week I am able to have and talk in full conversations in spanish and understand and respond to most gospel things. For example we have a class called TRC where volunteers members or not come in to have a lesson taught to them in spanish. Yesterday we did this and me and my companion taugh two thirty minuet lessons in spanish with nothing but each other, scriptures and an investigator. The gift of tounges is here... unfortunatley for now only in gospel things as far as outside world we have been taught nothing.
The news of the week however is this:
Yesterday my district was called to the travel office and were informed we are going to go get our Visas! This is great news as we have seen many elders and sisters be re-assigned and or held at the MTC to provide more time to recieve visas. Its is also exciting becuse to recieve our visas we have to travel to the Mexico consulate tommorrow to prove we are real people! so as of now we are going to leave MTC campus for a day of flying out of SLC and into LAS to go to the consulate and vegas! we are all very excited to go to recieve our Visas as well as a break form the routien classes and MTC "stuff" that we embark on each day!
The MTC has been good and among the negativity that surrounds me I really am enjoying it. We're in spiritual guidence nearly every second of the day! I am coming to find scriptures and stories that I have never recognized as well as sharing the experiences that I have had to stregthen my district. In some testimony meetings I have had the opportunity to share or hear some great things some of which are:
That the "deep doctrine" of the church we dont need to know right now to be saved, with the simple baisic truths that we are learning to teach is missionaries is the only knowledge we need to be saved. We are a simple while complex organization.
It was amazing to hear all the stories of the sisters and why they are here on their missions. It is clearly evident that the lord is hastening his work to see all these wonderful sisters who are here that had never planned on a mission! Right now the church is seeing more missionaries that ever before and a lot of that is becuase of the sisters who are listening to the lords promptings and answering his call!
I am out of time and mostly out of things to say as the MTC is relatively the same each week. However the lord never stops finding ways to humble and teach me! I am so glad to hear from you that have been writing and emailing me here! I know I am here to serve the lord and am so excited for all the expreience and growth I will have in the sight of the lord! If there was any one thing I could say this week it would be this. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! not once a week or every few days but daily and twice daily if at all possile. Its is here you will find truth, confort, answers and peace. As Tad R. Collister said in our devotional last night the B.O.M is a blueprint for our ever channging lives. so read it often and diligently and you will never go or be led astray... also for those who are considering Missions... stop considering and do! and for those of you who aren't considering that should (you know who you are) get your crap together and get out here!
Love you all thanks for the support!
no time to describe pictures some of campus and what not maybe mom will attempt some descriptions!
Dear elder me if you want to learn or say anything... it is quicker and makes my email time more efficient!

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