Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29,2013

Where to begin?!
I can see why some would hate MTC but I am loving every minuet of it! We are so busy all the time but that is fine by me I am used to having something to do every minuet of the day, however for some they arent so lucky and many in my district are really struggling.... It is hard to keep their spririts up at time but as a whole we are progressing and doing very well; P-day always brightens thier spirits. The other great thing about P-day is every P-day we have the opportunity to vistit the temple and either do a session or inititoriy, i love it and love the food haha... it cost a little bit but the MTC food is great but can get kind of old so it is a plessent change every wednesday. So I just keep pushing on struggling in my spanish and putting a lot of faith in the lord.
It is crazy how fast they throw you into the language here.... as a laguage learning missionary your are teaching investigators in 100% spanish the third day! Yesterday was even crazier thought... We have what is called TRC where there are voluteers that come here and know spanish most who would like a spiritual message to help them in thier lives.... this really humbles you and leads you to prayr for the companionship of the holy Ghost. Hoping praying that some how you will find a scripture or the words to say that will impress your invstigator with whatever help they needed. My two bits that was impressed with last night was for the first guy was in Nephi chapter 2 when is talks of Lehi getting into the wilderness and building an alter. this amazes me that after everything Lehi had given up in leaving jeruselem he was still building an altar to give thanks to the lord. the other was just that I was impressed with the idea that she was feeling alone and I was able to bear a strong testimony of the fact that the lord is here for us all and that families through the atonement could be together forever.
Mom and Dad please tell Brother Jensen that you sooooooo much for challenging me and giving me the oportunity to read "Teaching by the Spirit" by Gene R. Cook.... It has changed my whole life and my whole mission in so many ways. One of our devotional speakers gave us an example of how to teach by the spirit in a wonderfull talk that he gave to us only relying on the spirit. Many were amazed, some doubtful, but I knew of the power that he spoke becuse I have learned and felt it myself. Its at times like these that I feel the spirit the strongest; I didnt think that you could feel that spirit in such a way that it is nearly painful. The most excitement I have is all the many opportunities that I have to speak and bear testimony of the spirit over these next two years. It is such an amazing blessing that we all have that we can all use to bless the lives of others and all we need to do to accomlish such things is rely on the spirit and HAVE FAITH.
There have been some pretty good times in our district .... mostly because of one elder, Elder Miller... He has the innocence on a five year old and is hillarious. He is very intelligent and fun. He has kept us all going in laughter. Every morning he wakes up saying "Anouther day another dollar.... spiritual dollar that is" haha and so that has become like our district motto.... whenever we are down or thinking about the long day ahead of us we are reminded of how spiritually weathly we are becoming with every waking moment we are here.
The MTC is great but pretty well the same everyday so I dont have a whole lot to say other than I know this is the work of god and I am at the right place at the right time.
Elder Stoor

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